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Treatment For Carpenter Ants in Holly Hill SC 29059

Waxing – this method is relatively inexpensive however the hair always re-grows, a full body wax is typically advertised on the internet at £25. This method is painful but is cost effective, if used infrequently.

Hair Removal Creams. These are painless and are cost effective if used occasionally, for example, special occasions or a summer holiday. Manufacturers do not make claims that Treatment For Carpenter Ants Holly Hill SC 29059 they are permanent, however there are sometimes claims by sellers of some of these creams on the internet suggesting they are – if used for 5 to 6 months. An example is a hair removal cream containing ant egg oil; the area has to ‘waxed’ to remove the hair from the roots before applying the cream – which is applied daily Holly Hill SC 29059 for 4 to 5 days. If such a cream is purchased and used for 5 to 6 months and is then found ‘not to be permanent’, this will not have been cost effective

Electrolysis. This was previously the most cost effective method for small or sensitive areas or where there are fewer hairs. It is a skilled process and does cause permanent Treatment For Carpenter Ants Holly Hill SC 29059 destruction of the hair follicle. Removal of hair from the upper lip is estimated to take between 4 and 10 hours and typically costs £30.00 per hour or £20.00 for a 30 minute session. The total cost appears to be more than 4 laser sessions at some specialist hair removal clinics.

IPL hair removal is slightly less effective than laser, it is Holly Hill SC 29059 also more painful. Following deregulation, this equipment can now be found in beauty salons, as it is also used for skin rejuvenation, rosacea treatment and reducing or removing skin blemishes. Light can cause burning that is not immediately painful (e.g. consider how sunburn may not hurt until a few hours later); when the wrong settings were used (in a beauty salon), Holly Hill SC 29059 the client had to go to Accident and Emergency to be treated for 3rd degree burns. Costs of IPL and laser treatment often appear comparable.

Home Laser Hair Removal Device. Many reviews (by people who have purchased them), seem to suggest they have been disappointed. The adverts do not seem to mention that they need to used for 6 months. Reviews suggest Holly Hill SC 29059 that the instructions say they need to be used for 6 months ‘in order to see results’.

Comments are ‘it takes forever, there is no visible hair loss, if you factor in your time to the cost, it makes the whole process astronomical’; ‘It is not worth the money, it is not like a salon’; ‘two pins must be depressed at the Holly Hill SC 29059 same time to the same level, my wife managed it a few times over the hour or so she tried using it, a few more times the next time and has not used it since’ and ‘it hasn’t worked, but I am only 3 months in, and will review again after 6 months’. It is not yet possible to say whether Holly Hill SC 29059 these are cost effective until users are posting reviews after having used them for 6 months

Laser Hair Removal at a Clinic. This is more effective than IPL and over the same period of time will produce a 65% reduction in hair compared to 55% with IPL. Fewer sessions are required if carried out by a skilled clinician, who will often chose Holly Hill SC 29059 laser rather than IPL if both types of equipment are available. As well as being more effective it is also less painful.


Waxing and hair removal creams are considered cost effective if used used infrequently (for special occasions). Electrolysis no longer appears more cost effective than laser as the prices of the latter have fallen. IPL is less slightly less effective and Holly Hill SC 29059 more painful than laser. Hand held (home) laser devices appear to be time consuming and it seems their instructions require they are used for 6 months.

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